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Prolab Sahel

our skills and services we offer relate to the following areas

Equipment, consumables and chemicals for analysis

  • Expansion, optimization and / or improvement of your existing laboratories.
  • Full management of your laboratory operations, including technical management, maintenance and human resources.
  • Supply of equipment and their installation for the laboratory (Grinders, Sprayers, Dividers, Ovens, AAS, XRF, ICP-AES / MS, Auto-Analyzer with continuous flow, etc.)

In partnership with HTDS France and we offer high precision detection equipment for laboratories (AAS, ICP, XRF, etc.)

Technical support for laboratories (LIMS, ISO 17025, Training, Audits)

  • Help your laboratory qualify for ISO / IEC 17025 requirements
  • Implement your QA / QC program and manage your laboratory process
  • Support on-site analysis laboratories

PROLAB Sahel laboratory services offer a full range of on-site laboratory support services that meet the analytical requirements of mining companies and research institutes.

This support for mine site operations includes, but is not limited to :

  • Design and construction of site laboratories
  • Updating and optimization of existing laboratories
  • Operation and management of mine laboratories on site
  • Laboratory audits
  • Training and advice

Industrial chemicals (mining, research, water treatment)

Very good agricultural inputs including fertilizers (NPK, Urea, DAP)

Prolab Sahel

Your specialist in supplying materials and improving the services of your laboratories in Africa.


Tchangarey, Not far from the reference hospital
BP: 12712, Niamey, NIGER

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+227 96 01 34 34

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